Monday, 7 September 2009

[insert socalising here]

Oh hmph, hmph hmph hmph

Had my first day at school today. I'm very much enjoying the 6th form! Feels weird that not only do I have no uniform but the fact that I have free periods. I can go home early, damn!
I got all the teachers I wanted which turns out awesome cause now I have Mr Spray for..way too much than a normal person should haha. Politics is fascinating, a tad confusing but still. I need to have a history class and hopefully it'll be just as good! The Year 13s are rather scary though..not going near them.

Drawing wise I'll hopefully get something done today..HOPEFULLY
And recently I've realised that I'm very..protective of old friendships. As a result it's not gonna end well :c Or I act from past events. And I realised that it's better off not mentioning much about myself, that way I can focus on the other person's happiness :] My happiness gloating. Voluntary giving of information, I was a fool to let my mind slip and do that for 1 time. 1 time too much :c

Oh well, learned from that! That's what counts..yeup.
And I applied for a job for the first time in my life, nervous much. Maybe it'll work out..I hope it does. I owe my mum way too much.

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  1. Little Jenna is growing up so fast <3