Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The struggle for being active.

Since I started on the internet I've always been keen to keep up with things and make friends..I mean after all I have made some of my best friends on here thanks to meetings on on-line communities. However times have changed and I feel that this is the same for my attitude.

At the start of 2009 I started to go into somewhat of a decline in my work. For whatever reason I started to slowly lose the will to draw or impress with my ability. This reached it's low point in the autumn and winter of last year, even into this year. It kills me inside to think that I can't bring myself to even pick up a pencil. Yet I felt this and it dragged on for awhile.

As I slowly start to recover what motivation I have(which is a lot, I just need to work at it) I realise that due to this I have lost what I built up on art communities. Something died when my will died and I ruined what chances I was given to be active again. But as it goes, 'the more you post the more they recognise you' and it couldn't be more true. Which is why RP accounts are taking over SA more and more each day.

I need to change myself, I need to finish the art pieces I said I would do. I have little odds and ends to finish with some pieces. I'll get to that this weekend.
Until then I'll head off to school and spend the next 3 days working my arse off. Hope it doesn't fall off.
P.s I was wise to delete that last journal entry c;

Jenna x

Friday, 5 February 2010