Friday, 18 September 2009

[insert apologies here]

First off I WILL post my art on here. I just need a bit of help with it..cause I don't understand blogger ok.

2nd I'm just making a quick post to add activity, I would write a tl;dr about yesterday but I really don't wish to do that. Thursday was faaail :c

Complete and utter fail.
Anyone know how to draw a torch? halp.

I'll make a better post when I get back from school
in teh mean while: WATCH GURREN LAGANNN <3


  1. tell me aboo thursdayyy? :c
    And I've already seen Gurren Lagann.. it is <333

  2. New post
    Click the button with the tree
    Browse for image
    Click button
    Press Done
    Tadaa, it's in the post.