Tuesday, 15 September 2009

[insert horror here]

Daniel is a douche, if it wasn't for him I woulda made this post much later but anyway~

I had kinda a horrific experience in assembly today because I cannot speak for shit. But it's over now. I kept repeating things like 'AMAZING' way too much. Amaaazing. :[
Yet I did actually get to..teach today. I've never done that in my life. In my school schedule what happens is that I get free periods in the day and it turns out that I am allowed to help out with the art class when I have those frees for the younger ones. Taught kids how to shade their cubism pieces and they actually took what I was saying and used it well! I may actually try to teach art to school kids later on in life, it felt so good helping them out in something I love.

School has also gotten so much better, all my classes are fun. I enjoy learning now and things I want to do. Plus I'm being more productive too! Art wise anyway :] Back into some form of creative routine. However I'll show people WIPs if they ask cause really I prefer showing people personally those things, not on here. Sketched a few things too, happy days. Experimenting more and more.

Also Muse's album is lovely. Especially when Matt plays Chopin. You have no idea how in love I am with that song now. Can't wait to see them live <3

Happy now? >:U


  1. homg you called me Daniel... cB You love me.
    Also, you'd make the coolest art teacher ever ok. I'll have my kids go to the school you work in then <3

    And I like your new banner <3

  2. it's hard to adjust to but cuz I luv u so much I'm trying to call you Daniel ;_;
    Your kids will get flunked. I don't even have to see them and I'd be like 'ew their his kids *flunk*' jk <3

    Thankyou c: and MSNNN >:C

  3. DAW but you can call me whatever you want tho <3 I DON'T MIND BEING CALLED WEELOW.
    .....GOD YOU'RE SUCH A BITCH but I still luv you<3